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The Importance of Power Monitoring

You rely on your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to safeguard sensitive electronic systems and to protect business processes in the event of a power outage ― but connecting critical equipment to a backup power supply is just the first step to a complete power management strategy. To help ensure ongoing reliability, maintain business continuity and […]

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Reasons to Rent a UPS for Your Business

Why Are Businesses Renting UPS Systems? The need for continuous, clean power has never been more critical, as organizations of every shape and size face an escalating number of downtime threats. From a sharp increase in extreme weather events to outages triggered by vehicle accidents, animal activity, aging infrastructure and overtaxed power grids, today’s businesses […]

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The Importance of Uninterrupted Power in Hospitals

The importance of power in the healthcare industry extends beyond the traditional uptime requirements of other economic sectors; within hospitals and other medical applications, power represents the true lifeblood of operations. While just a few seconds of downtime can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the medical world, a power loss can […]

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TVSS – What is it? & Why do I need one?

What is a TVSS? While much attention is given to the need to safeguard critical systems against power outages, the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t take a complete blackout to wreak havoc on sensitive electronic equipment. In fact, a wide range of power anomalies can cause significant damage to your equipment. One ongoing […]

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Emergency vs Standby Generator: What’s The Difference?

Although the use of generators as a backup power source during power losses is commonly recognized, many people mistakenly interchange the terms “emergency generator” and “standby generator” when describing the equipment relied upon to safeguard critical facilities and processes. In fact, emergency generators are classified quite differently than standby systems. While both emergency and standby […]

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