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How to Implement UPS Equipment into Your Existing Infrastructure

From safeguarding the transfer of critical data during a power outage to keeping life-saving medical devices operational amid fluctuating power conditions, the need for a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is universal across virtually every industry. However, knowing which type of UPS system to deploy in your existing infrastructure can be challenging. To ensure the […]

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The Role of UPSs in Healthcare IT

Healthcare information technology (HIT) systems ― which process information involving storage, retrieval, sharing, and use of healthcare data and knowledge for both communication and decision-making purposes ― are critical to the successful operation of any healthcare organization. Designed to enhance the quality of care, HIT systems enable a broad range of activities in hospitals and […]

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Successful UPS Implementation in a Telecommunication Company

In the telecom sector, where customers rely on connectivity and communication services to be up and running at all times, even the briefest amount of downtime can significantly impact your business. Yet downtime threats are abundant, from seasonal storms to aging infrastructure to the nation’s overtaxed power grid. In fact, one independent market research firm […]

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data center

Why Your Data Center Needs Uninterrupted Power

From processing and disseminating data, to housing proprietary assets, to ensuring the Internet remains accessible at all times, today’s data centers are vital to an organization’s daily operations. Instantaneous access to information is no longer simply a desire; in today’s Internet-driven world, it has become an absolute necessity. As a result, data center power has […]

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Cybersecurity in UPS Applications

While the Internet unequivocally opens the door to countless advantages ― from linking computers across the globe to accelerating communications to enabling online shopping ― at the same time it also provides a space for cybercriminals to squeeze through, threatening an organization’s security. With today’s hackers constantly finding new ways to steal information and wreak […]

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