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What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply and How Does it Work?

Across today’s highly connected and data-driven business landscape, the need for continuous, clean power cannot be overstated. Even the briefest amount of downtime can be devastating to an organization, regardless of its size or vertical. Not only is the current price tag for downtime estimated at $5,600 per minute, but unplanned incidents can result in […]

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Which UPS Topology is optimal for your environment?

The central design of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is categorized as its topology. Of the three primary UPS technologies available today — standby, line-interactive and online — each offers different performance characteristics and varying degrees of protection.

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9 Indications of an Effective Preventive Maintenance Visit

As an end-user, how do you know your critical power system is operating optimally? Unified Power, a mission critical power service provider, performs routine preventive maintenance procedures for these systems so that BOTH the end-user and our service organization can become familiarized with the operational health of those systems on a routine basis. Have you […]

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