Certified Pre-Owned UPS Equipment

Providing the right solution for the problem means not being tied to a single solution provider. Unified Power is an equipment agnostic solution provider. What this means to you – Unified Power will find the absolute best solution for your need whether it be New or Certified Pre-Owned UPS systems.

Certified Pre-Owned:
We offer a full line of Certified Pre-Owned UPS systems for Rent or Purchase
• Lower purchase price, notably less than that of a brand-new unit
• Reduced service costs, not tied to an OEM
• Full Equipment Service Warranty, low cost multi-year warranties available
• Lower total cost of ownership. TCO is an important metric when evaluating a UPS, TCO considers all costs associated with owning a unit, including purchase price, operating expenses, maintenance, and cost of components.

A certified pre-owned UPS is poised to deliver better TCO than most brand-new UPS sytems.

Why Purchase Pre-Owned Verses New?

Temporary Needs: We offer rental equipment; our rental equipment is strategically
located throughout the country ensuring quick ship in response to your need.
Whether that be Disaster Recover or Planned Facility Upgrades.

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