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Battery Preventive Maintenance Service

Batteries are one of the most important components of a UPS. Unified Power provides maintenance service for a wide variety of batteries for companies everywhere. We offer battery solutions that are customized to fit your specific needs.

Did you know lack of maintenance is the single largest contributor to battery premature failure? Without routine maintenance batteries are subjected to variables that can cause unexpected failures. One bad battery will affect the entire cabinet, and render the UPS unreliable if a power interruption occurs.

A routine maintenance program increases up-time and extends battery life by preventing loose connections, removing corrosion, and identifying bad batteries before they cause a problem. All battery maintenance service complies with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Guidelines for VRLA and Flooded batteries.

A battery maintenance contract with Unified Power includes on-site inspections to uncover issues that may not be present in remote monitoring programs. Our technicians will assess any unforeseen battery vulnerabilities. We will minimize potential battery failure and mitigate any unnecessary battery risks.

Without Proper Maintenance Batteries May:

  • Reduce protection time
  • Fail prematurely
  • Become a safety hazard

Our field technicians are exposed everyday to batteries that have been neglected, and the results can be costly.

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Battery Replacements

Unified Power offers full and partial battery replacement services on all major manufacturers’ battery models. We carry a large stock of top brand batteries in our parts warehouse, which allows us to provide customers with immediate replacements. If the batteries you need are not in stock, we will order them for you quickly at a competitive price.

Battery Replacements include:

  • New batteries
  • Load Bank Testing (optional)
  • Miscellaneous hardware to ensure reliable connections
  • EPA-approved recycling of the old batteries

All installation service is performed by our Trained Technicians in accordance with IEEE Standards.
We will perform the service at your convenience, whether it’s an emergency call, the middle of the night, or during regular business hours.

Preventive Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Measuring of cell voltage levels (Flooded only)
  • Checking batteries for loose connection
  • Testing of cell/unit internal ohmic value (VRLA only)
  • Visual inspection to look for battery leakage, swelling, corrosion as well as the battery environment
  • A detailed report with the results of the inspection
  • Recommendations needed to ensure your batteries operate at 100% capacity

All service is performed in accordance with IEEE standards. Unified Power will provide you with a customized battery maintenance plan along with a detailed report of your batteries’ condition.