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Powering the Data Center: Routine Maintenance Essential to Up-time

In today’s mission-critical data center environments, downtime just isn’t an option.

Neither is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) for all critical power infrastructure, which is key to lowering total cost of ownership, optimizing efficiency, averting downtime, and actively minimizing the chance of equipment failure and costly repairs.

Backed by decades of practical expertise, Unified Power’s service technicians are dedicated to helping ensure the ongoing, optimal performance of data center UPS systems and generators.

Our PM strategy establishes procedures for scheduled maintenance, safeguarding against downtime risks and ensuring that inspections are not postponed or forgotten.

Most data center sites require at least one or two PMs per year; however, additional visits may be warranted if the environment is susceptible to high heat, dust, contaminants or vibration.

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Business requirements and overall system design also contribute to the frequency of visits.

A Ponemon Institute study tallied the average cost of a data center outage at $740,357 ── or more than $7,900 per minute. Preventive maintenance simplifies processes, cuts costs and enhances overall data center availability.

Comprehensive Data Center UPS Services

Professionally trained on all major manufacturers’ equipment and an affordable service alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Unified Power’s technicians are located across the nation and ready to perform the services you need at your convenience ── whether it’s the middle of the night or during regular business hours.

They will identify premature wear and tear of components, ascertain overall system reliability, and validate that your critical infrastructure is achieving your organization’s up-time goals.

Our offering includes:

● UPS Preventive Maintenance Plans

● Emergency Service

● UPS Rentals

● Battery Preventive Maintenance, Capacity Testing & Recycling

● UPS Capacitor Service

Data Center Generator Services

Unified Power’s Generator Services enable issues to be identified and resolved before they turn into expensive problems.

During maintenance, all generator parts are checked, cleaned and tested to ensure they are functioning as intended, resulting in the ability to:

Proactively detect issues

Optimize ongoing performance & safety

Save money

● Bolster overall efficiency

Why does a UPS fail?

Among the most common causes of UPS failures are:

● Batteries                         ● Fans

● Capacitors                      ● Transient spikes

● Internal connections   ● Blocked air filters

● User error                      ● Stress or overheating of power supplies

Preventive maintenance identifies wear and tear, damage to parts and components, hot spots and other factors that make critical equipment susceptible to downtime.

Studies have revealed that more than two-thirds of downtime events stem from preventable causes, including insufficient maintenance, components wearing out due to age and user error. Meanwhile, up to 20% fail because of bad batteries.

The Unified Power Difference

For more than two decades, Unified Power has been a trusted provider of world-class services that optimize the reliability and performance of critical power equipment.

Engaging for service with Unified Power gives you access to:

● 24/7 national dispatch center with guaranteed emergency response times

● Highly skilled and continuously trained technicians

● Dedicated customer care representative

● World-class technical support

● Comprehensive web-based service reporting

● Immediate access to logistics and parts

● Preferred customer rates for non-contract services

● Average savings of 20% on maintenance agreements

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