In today’s mission-critical data center environments, downtime just isn’t an option.

Neither is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance (PM) for critical power infrastructure, which is key to lowering total cost of ownership, optimizing efficiency, averting downtime, and actively minimizing the chance of equipment failure and costly repairs.

In fact, a Ponemon Institute study tallied the average cost of a data center outage at $740,357 ─ or more than $7,900 per minute. However, preventive maintenance simplifies processes, cuts costs and enhances overall data center availability. Even more, studies have revealed that more than two-thirds of downtime events stem from preventable causes, including insufficient maintenance, components wearing out due to age and user error. Meanwhile, up to 20% fail because of bad batteries.

Backed by decades of practical expertise, Unified Power’s service technicians are dedicated to helping ensure the ongoing, optimal performance of data center UPS systems and generators. Our PM strategy establishes procedures for scheduled maintenance, safeguarding against downtime risks and ensuring that inspections are not postponed or forgotten.

Most data center sites require at least one or two PMs per year; however, additional visits may be warranted if the environment is susceptible to high heat, dust, contaminants or vibration. Business requirements and overall system design also contribute to the frequency of visits.


Studies have revealed that more than two-thirds of downtime events stem from preventable causes.

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How to Maintain Your Data Center UPS

Engaging in routine preventive maintenance services helps ensure that your data center operates at its highest level of performance and potential year-round — without risking lost productivity and revenue.

A maintenance plan should include inspecting, testing and cleaning of the UPS. Specifically, trained technicians should be paying special attention to the electrical and mechanical components, looking for potential issues ranging from operating irregularities to corroded batteries.

Also, be sure your technician takes into consideration any site regulations or requirements during your scheduled maintenance, as operating irregularities, environmental factors and other issues can impact your data center UPS.