Unified Power will provide you with an experienced, knowledgeable, professional and discreet single point of contact for decommissioning & removal of your critical power equipment.

Our Decommissioning & Asset Removal Services include:

  • Environmental disposal services
  • Recycling services with certification
  • Packaging and rigging equipment from site
  • National service footprint
  • Refurbishment and repair

Unified Power receives daily requests for used equipment. Our access to these requests combined with our testing and inspection process allows us to pay a fair market value for your excess and surplus equipment.

Over 20% of the backup power projects in the United States result in the removal of existing generators and power systems. This excess equipment may have a trade in value that can be applied to your project to help you stay within your budget.

Our Decommissioning & Asset Removal Services will help you:

  • Reduce the risk associated with selling excess back-up power equipment.
  • Simplify the asset recovery process.
  • Maximize return on the sale of surplus critical power assets.
Count on the Strength of Unified Power

Unified Power is there to service, maintain and protect your power equipment. It is our job to ensure that your equipment operates properly; we are prepared to handle your company’s critical load during a power interruption. We offer exceptional service that regularly exceeds our client’s expectations every time.

Is your facility protected in the event of a power failure? Are your computers, equipment and other electric devices prepared with backup power systems?

Unified Power provides all types of power protection and UPS services for your critical power systems. From battery preventive maintenance to battery capacity testing, UPS preventive maintenance and more, we can service any of your needs. Have a specific question about your specific power needs? Learn about all the power protection services we offer.

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