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Infrared Scanning

Infrared Scanning & Inspection Services

Infrared Scanning is a non-intrusive preventative maintenance inspection used to detect potential points of failure in your power equipment and batteries. Our trained technicians use an infrared camera to produce thermal images of your electrical equipment. Common points of failure like loose connections, corrosion, and faulty assembly can all be detected though this process.

Infrared inspection is used as a key diagnostic tool and is non-intrusive, non-contact, efficient and a cost effective way to detect defects before they cause a major issue. Our process gives you a detailed review of any issues detected, in order for corrective action to happen and before potential breakdowns start. Improve safety, efficiency and maintenance at your facility with proactive tools that work.

This proactive approach to detecting problem areas decreases the risk of equipment failure and ultimately:

  • Keeps UPS Equipment & Batteries in Strong Condition
  • Eliminates Unexpected System Down-Time
  • Reduces Repair Costs
  • Can Decrease Building Insurance Premiums
  • Prevents Equipment Failures
  • Improves Electrical & Mechanical System Efficiency
  • Identifies Areas Needing Preventative Maintenance
  • Reduces Risk of Catastrophic System Failure

*No equipment shutdown is necessary for this process.

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