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An Introduction To UPS Efficiency

In recent years, efficiency has become one of the most buzzed-about topics in the uninterruptible power system (UPS) world — not surprising, considering the topic’s relevance to organizations seeking to slash ever-escalating energy bills. While a highly efficient UPS can certainly help cut utility costs, it is important to recognize that several factors influence a […]

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The four factors that impact the life of your UPS battery

Research shows that up to 20 percent of all UPS failures can be attributed to bad batteries. To help protect your organization from the significant costs and harmful consequences of unexpected downtime, it is important to understand the four primary elements that influence the lifespan — and reliability — of UPS batteries. Ambient temperature — […]

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Don’t let heat sizzle the life out of your UPS batteries

When it comes to uninterruptible power system (UPS) batteries, knowledge truly is power. By being aware of the factors that influence your batteries’ ongoing performance, you have the ability to extend their life, prevent costly downtime, and ultimately save time and money. Of the four primary factors that affect battery life — ambient temperature, chemistry, […]

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Reasons To Buy A Certified Pre-Owned UPS

When shopping for a new automobile, a growing number of consumers are opting for the value and security of buying a certified, pre-owned vehicle. In addition to the obvious benefit of a significantly lower purchase price, this alternative affords several other advantages, including lower total cost of ownership and the peace of mind of knowing […]

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Modular UPS Solutions: Simple, Small, Green

Part 2 in a 4-part series: Modular UPS vs. Standalone UPS Today’s organizations are under increasing pressure to do more with less — and the same perspective applies to the power protection solutions they deploy. As a result, modern day uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) are required to deliver far more than simply battery backup in […]

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