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Users of 48 volt/24 volt DC power systems face unique service challenges. Unified Power provides DC Plant and Inverter Maintenance for those systems around the country. We install equipment and provide maintenance to identify and correct problems before they become critical.

Unified Power is a national critical power service provider and an affordable alternative to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our customers typically save 15% on their preventive maintenance agreements.

Critical power equipment needs routine maintenance inspections to ensure all components are operating at full capacity. An on-going Unified Power Preventive Maintenance program helps ensure optimum system reliability and equipment life. We offer standard or customizable preventive maintenance service plans on all major manufacturers’ brands of DC Power plants and Inverter equipment.

Rectifier Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance

Unified Power encourages all users of DC power and Inverter systems to verify their performance on a regular basis. Through scheduling routine maintenance, companies will enjoy increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Routine maintenance also allows technicians to analyze all system components, from control boards to circuit breakers, to identify developing issues. Regular scheduled maintenance eliminates hot spots, load imbalances and over capacity issues, reducing the rate of component and system failures.

The major causes of rectifier and inverter failure are neglect, age, and lightning. The most common problems include faulty meters, loose terminals, blown fuses, open structure/ground-bed leads, and lightning damage. The purpose of maintenance is to systematically isolate the rectifier and inverter components until the defective part is found, and following the rectifier manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and troubleshooting is recommended.

DC Plant Batteries Maintenance

DC Plant battery maintenance is key in making sure that your (DC Plant) system is operating at optimal efficiency and keeping your facility running. Understanding causes of DC Plant battery degradation, ways to prevent degradation and DC Plant battery maintenance options are fundamental to ensure maximum system availability and to keeping your data center and business up and running continually.

Unified Power provides turn-key DC plant battery replacement services including; removal and replacement of your existing batteries, new installations and testing of the new batteries. We also verify that the batteries are operating properly with Unified Power’s factory trained experts. Also, they will work with you to recommend the size and model of battery system that best meets your needs.

Comprehensive Coverage Included Included Included
Corrective Maintenance 7 x 24 7 x 24 7 x 24
Parts & Labor for Electronics Included Included Included
Parts & Labor for Batteries Optional Optional Optional
Guaranteed Emergency Response Times Included Included Included
Next Business Day Response Included
2, 4 or 8-Hour Response Coverage Available 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
DC Plant Preventive Maintenance (1) Major 5x8 (1) Major 5x8 (1) Major 7x24, (1) Minor 7x24 (1) Major 7x24, (1) Minor 7x24
Sealed Battery Preventive Maintenance Annual 5x8 Annual 5x8 Semi-Annual 7x24 Quarterly 7x24
Flooded Battery Preventive Maintenance Optional Optional Optional Optional
Features Included with Every Service Plan
Customer Care Center Staffed with knowledgeable and competent Team to support the needs of the customer
National Dispactch Center Operational of a 7x24 basis
Web-Based Service Reporting Preventive Maintenance Results delivered electronically, accurately and on time
Parts & Logistics 25,000 Square foot parts & testing facility, 24 hours counter-to-counter shipping capabilities
Training & Technical Support Certified industry professionals supporting field oparations with extensive knowledge of all major OEM models
Customer Satisfaction Reportiing Independent Quality Control Agency monitors service delivery ensuring world class services
Preferred Customer Rates Discounted Labor and Parts for non-contracted services

Eliminate unnecessary worry and stress with one of our Critical Power Service Plans. We’ll ensure your UPS equipment stays reliable while improving overall performance and extending useful life. Unified Power’s Preventive Maintenance Plans allow facility managers to be proactive by giving them the opportunity to detect potential points of failure before they become expensive problems.

To discuss setting up a Service Agreement with Unified Power, please call:


Customizable Maintenance Plan Options Include:
  • 7×24 or 5×8 On-Site Corrective Maintenance
  • Parts & Labor for Electronics
  • Parts & Labor for Batteries
  • Guaranteed Emergency Response Times (2,4,8 & Next Day)
  • Assigned Customer Care Representative
  • Detailed Electronic Service Reporting
  • Nationwide Field Service Coverage backed by 7×24 Service Dispatch
  • Training & Technical Support
  • Customer Satisfaction Reporting
  • Preferred Contracted Customer Time & Material Rates for Service Outside of Coverage

Personalized service programs are available; contact your Sales Representative for more details.