Toshiba G8000MM



The Toshiba G8000MM UPS is Toshiba’s answer to the multi-module UPS market. The G8000MM combines Toshiba reliability and performance with ultimate flexibility to meet the needs of growing businesses.

Key Features:

  • Technologically advanced control of fast-switching IGBTs delivers 94% efficiency
  • Low input total harmonic distortion (THD) reduces heat loss in associated feed equipment and increases component life
  • Self-contained modular design allows low cost future expansion
  • Combine up to 8 modules for increased capacity or redundancy
  • Parallel output tie cabinet requires minimal intelligence circuitry reducing purchase costs
  • Superior output voltage regulation provides non-distorted output power with minimal use of batteries when subjected to severe step loads
  • Generator-friendly interface allows 1.1 kW generator capacity to 1.0 kVA UPS load
  • Advanced battery-control ingenuity produces low DC ripple — extending battery & capacitor life
  • Fail-safe design incorporates robust, conservatively engineered devices to reduce failures & ensure reliability

Technical Specifications

  • Power Ratings: 100/150/225/300/375/500/625/750 kVA
  • Configuration: Tower
  • Topology: Double-Conversion Online UPS
  • Voltage: 480 Vac | 3 Phase
  • Customizable Battery Run-Times

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