Eaton Powerware 9315



The Eaton Powerware 9315 UPS series gives you maximum flexibility, reliability and system availability for your entire enterprise, whether it’s in a single building or spread around the world. With the highly reliable hardware, sophisticated power management software, and a multitude of accessories and options, the 9315 offers the power solution and system availability that lets you get down to the business of your business.

Key features & benefits:

  • Delivers increased usable power capacity via optional 0.9 output power factor on the Eaton 9315 400-500 and 750 kVA
  • Serial and X-slot Communication Card enabled
  • Provides flexible runtime options for your application
  • Isolates connected equipment from all incoming power problems to provide the highest degree of protection with online, double-conversion technology
  • Maintains and monitors battery health continuously and dynamically updates information on battery time remaining

Suggested Applications:

  • Data centers
  • Server farms
  • Telecommunication installations
  • Internet service providers
  • Transportation systems
  • Security operations
  • Broadcasting and entertainment
  • Process control equipment
  • Financial systems
  • Credit card operations
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Industrial systems

Technical Specifications

  • Power Ratings: 200-750 kVA
  • Configuration: Tower
  • Topology: Double-Conversion Online UPS
  • Voltage: 208, 400, 480, 600 Vac | Three Phase
  • Full Spec Sheets (Efficiencies, Dimensions & Weight)

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