Toshiba 1600XP



The Toshiba 1600XP Series offers a tower design solution with an LCD touch-screen display that provides unmatched access for UPS monitoring and control. As a double-conversion online UPS, it is able to supply uninterrupted, clean single phase power to your critical systems over large input voltage deviations without resorting to battery backup.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly, programmable touch-screen display
  • Angled terminal block for ease of installation
  • Hot-swappable battery packs & cooling fans
  • Internal isolation transformer
  • External battery connector
  • Generator compatible

Technical Specifications

  • Power Ratings: 3.6/6/8/10/14/18/22 kVA
  • Configuration: Tower
  • Topology: Double-Conversion Online UPS
  • Voltage: 208/230/240 & 240/230/208/120 Vac | Single Phase
  • Efficiency: >85%

Additional information