Eaton/Powerware Ferrups (500 VA – 18 KVA)



The Powerware® Ferrups UPS delivers unmatched reliability in configurable power protection for computers and telecommunications equipment. Patented Ferro resonant technology delivers “bulletproof” power protection and is ideal for banking and security systems, manufacturing process control, servers and telecommunications equipment.

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Key features & benefits:

  • Active voltage regulation converts power from almost any AC source into computer-grade power
  • Eliminates harmful harmonic currents from entering a building’s wiring, where they can disrupt computer operations
  • Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) extend run-time capability
  • Enhanced diagnostics initiates automatic startup and scheduled tests on the logic board, battery and other critical systems
  • Provides regulated output voltage without drawing power from the batteries, keeping them fully charged for unexpected blackouts
  • UPS can be configured to match the voltage, run-time and installation requirements of the site
  • Power management software bundle provides monitoring and shutdown capabilities

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