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Pre-Owned UPS: When does it make sense?

For many people, the word “refurbished” or “pre-owned” conjures up unsavory images of resellers or manufacturers recycling defective products and passing them off to the end user — but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, there are several instances when buying or renting a pre-owned uninterruptible power system (UPS) is actually a better choice than purchasing a brand-new model.

To start, it is important to understand the reasons why a company might be offering a pre-owned UPS.

Sometimes a UPS is installed in a facility, and subsequently the facility is sold to a new owner who has no use for the UPS. The new owner will sometimes treat this as an unnecessary asset, and unload the asset for cash.

While OEM’s will not repurchase used equipment, some third party companies will purchase these units.

With there being absolutely nothing wrong with the product, it can’t be sold as new.

Assuming that the company purchasing the UPS is a reputable third party UPS company, these units will be tested, certified, and prepared for resale.

In the case of smaller single phase UPS’s, a UPS might be designated as pre-owned if: it was damaged in shipping or displays exterior blemishes such as minor scratches or dents; demo units used at trade shows, retail stores or by a product reviewer; or a production defect in which the manufacturer repaired or replaced a specific defective part.

In all of these cases, the UPS must then be sold as pre-owned— a strategic advantage for consumers.

Most notably, pre-owned UPSs are available at a fraction of the cost of a new unit, generally between 40 to 60 percent less, and promise low total cost of ownership.

Furthermore, the considerable discount is backed by a warranty, usually lasting up to one year.

Another advantage to acquiring a pre-owned model is that lead times tend to be much shorter, with units shipping quickly.

While it is appropriate to deploy pre-owned UPSs in virtually any environment, there are several applications in which they provide an optimal solution, including those with:

    1. Budgetary constraints. While just about everyone prefers things that are shiny and new, these aspirations don’t always fit with the bottom line. Fortunately, pre-owned UPSs enable you to still acquire high-quality power protection equipment even when the purse strings are tight.
    1. A temporary need. Pre-owned rental UPSs are a great alternative when backup protection is required on a short-term basis. From data center upgrades to disaster recovery to facility-hosted events, pre-owned UPSs can bridge the gap between an organization’s normal and provisional power requirements.
    1. An interim facility. Many companies opt for a pre-owned UPS when they have set up shop on a temporary basis or in a location where they don’t intend to remain long-term. For those interested in making a short-term investment in power protection, pre-owned units can be a valuable alternative.

Unified Power is proud to offer a full line of Certified Pre-Owned UPSs, available for purchase or rental.

Our pre-owned UPSs come with up to a 1-year warranty and, when available, our units ship quickly. Also, Unified Power has a $20 Million parts inventory.

If a unit goes down, we will not only honor the warranty; these units can be moved to a full service contract with the support of the largest UPS parts warehouse in the country.

Lastly, if you are in need of installation, we can source an electrician for turnkey applications. So, consider Unified Power when purchasing or renting your next UPS.

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