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Decoding field service reports: 4 benefits you gain after a UPS PM is complete

One of the most valuable documents in the life of your uninterruptible power system (UPS) is the field service report (FSR), which is generated following a preventive maintenance service call.

A summary of the procedures and findings of the visit, the FSR provides a critical snapshot into the overall health of your UPS.

Usually delivered within a few days after the service call, the report not only summarizes the work completed, but outlines any recommended solution and/or service.

Tempted to take a cursory glance and toss the paperwork into a filing cabinet — or worse, the trash?

Not so fast!

There are numerous advantages to be gained from every field service report. Here are four of the most important:

It’s a word to the wise. Discarding or speed-reading the report would be a huge disservice to the ongoing health of your UPS because the document summarizes every aspect of the system.

The FSR will detail any deficiencies detected during the PM visit as well as list every measurement taken, including input, output and bypass voltages.

The report also notes battery characteristics such as volts and current, summarizes capacitor health, and details the inspection of a UPS’s components, electrical connections and user interface.

It tells a story. Every FSR should be filed away and saved, as collectively they compile the pages in the ongoing journal of your UPS’s life.

Much like a medical history that a doctor can refer to when assessing a patient, the reports can provide helpful background information to organizations.

It defines a course of action. The FSR outlines any parts and procedures needed to ensure your UPS continues to deliver up time and high availability for your protected equipment. Some findings may require immediate attention, while others might be able to wait a few weeks or months before corrective action becomes essential.

At Unified Power, completed FSRs are immediately transferred to our proposal team, who can then research parts and assess labor needs for follow-up visits.

It’s a blueprint for the future. Field service reports can be a valuable tool for financial planning and budgeting, as detailed equipment assessments help organizations forecast for replacement and repair.

The next time your service technician departs after a preventive maintenance visit, be on the lookout for your forthcoming field service report — reading it will certainly be worth your time!

As will our next blog installment, which will break down the specific parameters of a field service report so you know exactly what you’re reading!

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