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The Importance of Uninterrupted Power in Hospitals

The importance of power in the healthcare industry extends beyond the traditional uptime requirements of other economic sectors; within hospitals and other medical applications, power represents the true lifeblood of operations. While just a few seconds of downtime can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the medical world, a power loss can […]

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TVSS – What is it? & Why do I need one?

What is a TVSS? While much attention is given to the need to safeguard critical systems against power outages, the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t take a complete blackout to wreak havoc on sensitive electronic equipment. In fact, a wide range of power anomalies can cause significant damage to your equipment. One ongoing […]

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What Causes a Power Outage

What Can Cause a Power Outage for Your Business? From brief power disruptions that throw a wrench into our daily routines to widespread, prolonged grid failures, the experience of losing electricity has become a common occurrence across the U.S. When the power goes out, the effects can range from minor inconvenience (think no TV or […]

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Power Outage Procedures for Businesses

In an era where reliance on electricity has never been more critical, even a momentary blip in power can trigger serious ― and extremely expensive ― consequences for your business. From equipment damage to data loss to wounded reputation, the effects of downtime can take a significant toll on any organization. Those that lack a […]

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How to Become a Field Engineer

If working with technology equipment, troubleshooting problems, and helping businesses to maintain continuous operations and uptime sound appealing to you, then a power quality field engineer might be your perfect profession. Tasked with a wide variety of functions and responsibilities, field service engineers manage technical functions, test equipment, oversee repairs and conduct site inspections, among […]

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