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4 Advantages To Selecting A National UPS Service Provider

Imagine having your very own full-time, in-house staff of power protection experts, dedicated exclusively to maintaining the optimal performance of your uninterruptible power systems (UPS’s).

While this luxury is unfortunately not a realistic option for most organizations, contracting with a national UPS service provider can deliver all of the advantages of an internal team — at a mere fraction of the cost.

While selecting a provider with a nationwide presence affords a wide range of benefits, consider four of the most significant:

You gain a true up-time partner. It’s impossible to overstate the value of partnership that a national service provider brings to the table.

In most cases, a dedicated account manager is devoted to keeping all of your sites optimized and on schedule.

These watchful eyes help ensure the ongoing health and performance of your entire critical infrastructure, and are also poised to resolve any issues that may arise.

Your up-time partner will also keep track of important tasks across your organization, such as coordinating preventative maintenance and emergency services; maintaining replacement parts specifically tailored to support your network needs; tracking equipment and replacement dates for UPS batteries, inverters, rectifiers and other common components; and resolving any incidents that might arise.

Furthermore, many national providers help their clients develop proactive maintenance plans that can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year, as well as analyze power trends for smarter planning, budgeting and saving opportunities.

Consistency counts. When your organization is spread out across different zip codes, the ability to achieve uniformity at every location is imperative to optimizing efficiency.

To that end, a national service provider is able to deliver a consistent scope of work across all sites, identifying and addressing common failures, components, OEM recalls and software upgrades.

By standardizing on items such as reporting, service procedures, follow up and pricing, this approach not only streamlines processes and makes your life easier, but also helps to cut costs.

You also gain a single source supplier for a broad range of critical power equipment, including UPS’s, inverters, DC plant and batteries.

In addition, when there’s a single entity supporting all issues across your power quality network — from emergencies to preventive maintenance — you gain the convenience and expediency of a single point of contact.


Flexibility. A national service provider has both the agility and the resources to quickly adapt to changing circumstances — and when up-time is at stake, rapid response can mean the difference between resolution and disaster.

With the staffing and expertise to provide full service contracts, emergency response, preventive maintenance and virtually everything in between, national models are able to implement changes to scope, frequency and reporting across all of your locations.

Customers also benefit from immediate access to numerous inventories of spare parts, often even those that are hard to find or obsolete.

Pricing. Relying on a national service provider will positively impact your bottom line.

Not only will you gain a consistent pricing model across all U.S. locations, but your organization will not be impacted by variable local rates.

Furthermore, your provider can deliver service capabilities at a reduced cost.

Have you ever wondered how a national service provider could help your organization enhance up-time, decrease costs, and achieve the consistency and flexibility needed for seamless power quality operations?

Unified Power offers power solutions and services from coast to coast that are customized to fit the individual needs of every business.

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