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Texas Hospitals and Critical Power Management

Powering the Healthcare Sector: Routine Maintenance is the Optimal Rx for Continuous Up-time!

Across the healthcare industry, even the slightest interruption in power can represent the difference between life and death.

While power quality issues are a bitter pill to swallow for today’s healthcare organizations, ensuring that uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and backup generators remain up and running when needed is imperative.

That’s why regular preventive maintenance is an integral component to any healthy power protection strategy.

Power anomalies can induce significant pain across the industry, from disrupting patient care to causing equipment damage and data loss.

Just as you wouldn’t trust a mechanic to perform open heart surgery, it is essential to engage qualified and trusted professionals to assist with the maintenance of critical power equipment.

Backed by decades of practical expertise, Unified Power’s experienced, knowledgeable technicians are dedicated to helping ensure the ongoing, optimal performance of UPS systems and generators in the health care sector.  

While performing factory-recommended preventive maintenance has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve uptime and reliability, it also helps the health care organizations address additional compliance requirements specific to the sector, including HIPAA and Life Safety Codes such as NFPA 101.

While downtime costs can be exorbitant in any industry, healthcare entities face an exceptionally steep toll: a recent Ponemon Institute report assessed the typical cost of an outage in the medical sector at $690,000.

Comprehensive Medical UPS Services

Professionally trained on all major manufacturers’ equipment, Unified Power is based right outside Dallas, Texas, while our technicians are located across the nation and are ready to perform the services you need at your convenience ── whether it’s the middle of the night or during regular business hours.

Providing unparalleled quality and an affordable service alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturers, our offering includes:

● UPS Preventive Maintenance Plans

● Emergency Service

● UPS Rentals

● Battery Preventive Maintenance, Capacity Testing & Recycling

● UPS Capacitor Service

Critical Healthcare Generator Services

NFPA 101 requires regular operational inspection and testing of emergency or standby power supply, along with monthly load testing.

Unified Power’s Generator Services enable issues to be identified and resolved before they turn into expensive problems.

During maintenance, all generator parts are checked, cleaned and tested to ensure they are functioning as intended, resulting in the ability to:

Proactively detect issues

Optimize ongoing performance & safety

Save money

● Bolster overall efficiency

Across countless medical applications, power represents the true lifeblood of operations. While just a few seconds of downtime can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the medical world any disturbance in power can also cost lives.

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