Mitsubishi 2033A



Mitsubishi Electric has been developing and manufacturing Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) components and systems for more than three decades. That experience, and the continuous application of new power-device technologies to further improve products in the industry clearly explain why Mitsubishi Electric has dominated a large portion of the world UPS market for years.That technology has been fully incorporated into the Mitsubishi 2033A line of UPS’s

Design: Double conversion, on-line topology
Power Rating: 30, 50, 75kVA
Voltage Options: Input: 208; Output: 208/120

Available in 30kVA, 50kVA, and 75kVA, the 2033A high performance transistor provides a variety of intelligent features and offers a double conversion on-line topology design. The 2033A available input voltage is 208V and the output voltages are 208/120V.

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Design features:

  • IGBT converter inverter design
  • Dual input, low input harmonics
  • Internal maintenance bypass, 1.1:1 generator sizing
  • Front access only, advanced touch screen monitoring
  • UPS modules UL 1778 listed
  • Two (2) year parts and labor warranty
  • Low audible noise
  • Conformally coated printed circuit boards
  • Advanced touch screen monitoring

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