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This is strongly recommended, there are things that can go wrong with your UPS and they require periodic maintenance. As with all support contracts; you’re generally spending a little extra money to reduce risk.

The batteries will periodically need to be replaced. This will happen more frequently the more (and deeper) the batteries are cycled.

Replacing the batteries every battery that has been in continuous service for five years probably should be considered suspect until proven otherwise.

Like any other electronic device, a UPS can fail. You need to have a plan for this.

How long will equipment on a UPS keep running after the power goes?

That depends on how big a UPS do you have and what kind of equipment it protects.

For most typical computer workstations, one might have a unit that was rated to keep the machine alive through a 15 minute power loss.

If it is important for a machine to survive hours without power, one should probably look at a more robust power backup solution that includes a generator and other components.

What exactly does a UPS do?

UPS traditionally can perform the following functions:

  • Absorb relatively small power surges.
  • Smooth out noisy power sources.
  • Continue to provide power to equipment during line sags.
  • Provide power for some time after a blackout has occurred.

In addition, some UPS or UPS/software combinations provide the following functions:

  • Automatic shutdown of equipment during long power outages.
  • Monitoring and logging of the status of the power supply.
  • Display the Voltage/Current draw of the equipment.
  • Restart equipment after a long power outage.
  • Display the voltage currently on the line.
  • Provide alarms on certain error conditions.
  • Provide short circuit protection.

How can it help me?

UPS has internal batteries to guarantee that continuous power is provided to the equipment even if the power source stops providing power.

Of course the UPS can only provide power for a while, typically a few minutes, but that is often enough to ride out power company glitches or short outages.

Even if the outage is longer than the battery lifetime of the UPS, this provides the opportunity to execute an orderly shutdown of the equipment.


  • Computer jobs don’t stop because the power fails.
  • Users not inconvenienced by computer shutting down.
  • Equipment does not incur the stress of another (hard) power cycle.
  • Data isn’t lost because a machine shut down without doing a “sync” or equivalent to flush cached or real time data.

What is a UPS?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply is a device that sits between a power supply (e.g. A wall outlet) and a device (e.g. A computer) to prevent undesired features of the power source (outages, sags, surges, bad harmonics, etc.) from the supply from adversely affecting the performance of the device.

What does Full Service coverage include?

A full service maintenance contract includes UPS parts, labor, emergency response time and annual battery inspections.

Choose from 2, 4 and 8 hour response times.

Do you do anything other than general maintenance and repair of UPS systems?

Not only do we provide maintenance services and repair on UPS’s and associated equipment (batteries, static switches, PDU’s, etc.), we also offer other technical services such as power quality surveys and thermal imaging.

I have a UPS, but I know nothing about it and have no idea how to operate it. Can you help?

Yes! We have a fully staffed technical support department that can answer questions regarding virtually any make or model of UPS and can answer basic or technical questions you may have.

In addition, we offer comprehensive operator training classes in our fully equipped training facility.

What is the life expectancy of UPS Batteries?

The UPS Batteries should be replaced every 4-5 years to ensure the reliability of the System.

Annual Maintenance also helps to determine the condition of the batteries.

How do I know which type of Battery is in my UPS System?

The Battery Type is listed under Battery Model on the Annual Battery Maintenance Profile that is sent to each customer after the Battery PM is performed.

What is the difference between a Performance Check (Minor) and Preventive Maintenance (Major) UPS PM?

A performance check (minor) is completed with the UPS equipment running in normal operation, with no interruption to the service.

Readings are taken from the display panel and a visual inspection is completed.

During a major UPS inspection the unit is placed on bypass and the critical load is not protected by the UPS.

Once power is removed from the UPS all the internal components are checked for damage and wear. All connections are also checked at this time.

Why do I need to do Battery Maintenance?

Batteries are subjected to variables that can cause unexpected failures.

Routine maintenance ensures that batteries stay reliable and do not fail prematurely.

Are your field technicians trained in CPR and First Aid?

Yes, every field technician is trained in CPR and First Aid, and it is renewed annually.

Are your field technicians trained in safety?

Yes field technicians have safety training. It is renewed yearly, in fact most are OSHA 10 trained.

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