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Contract Proposal Terms

Service Agreement

UNIFIED POWER will provide scheduled or remedial services (hereinafter referred to as service) in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, as further defined in UNIFIED POWERS Proposal (Proposal) attached hereto. This Service Agreement is made and entered into by UNIFIED POWER and Customer expressly subject to the standard commercial Terms and Conditions of UNIFIED POWER all of which are incorporated by reference herein as if fully copied and set forth at length.

    1. The Preventive Maintenance (PM) inspection requirements will be scheduled during the Agreement period. Unless otherwise agreed in applicable
      1. Minor inspection(s) (if applicable) will be scheduled at the convenience of UNIFIED POWER and normally will not require a system shutdown.
      2. The Major inspection will be scheduled at the convenience of the Customer and may require a full system shutdown.
    1. If a PM cannot be scheduled within any annual term due to Customer delay, such PM will be forfeited no prorated PM value will be refunded.
    1. UNIFIED POWER will provide an emergency telephone number for notification by Customer of the need for emergency maintenance. For equipment covered by Remedial maintenance, UNIFIED POWER will determine the extent of the emergency and will take the necessary corrective action. If repairs are to be charged at Time & Materials (T&M) rates (attached), such service must be approved by Customer prior to dispatch (Refer to
      Section D). Emergency maintenance is defined, for purposes of this Agreement, as the maintenance required to restore the equipment listed in Appendix I to manufacturers agreed specifications following an unexpected interruption in service of said equipment.
    2. UNIFIED POWER will make every reasonable effort to provide emergency maintenance as soon as possible and according to the response time schedule specified in the Proposal, subject to Customer acceptance and approval in case of T&M coverage.

    3. UNIFIED POWER will provide remedial maintenance for problems not immediately affecting system reliability on a 0700 to 1800 hours Monday through Friday basis.
    1. If Parts coverage is specified for equipment specified in the Proposal, REPLACEMENT OF CUSTOMER PARTS USED IN REPAIR OF SAID EQUIPMENT IS INCLUDED, with exception of Batteries (unless specifically included in the Proposal), major magnetics, and full AC or DC capacitor replacement. If any equipment covered by a Full Service program is no longer supported by its original equipment manufacturer, it is agreed that parts replacement for said equipment will be provided on a best-effort basis, and if parts are unavailable from any known source then the coverage for the equipment will revert to PM-Only and the contract value adjusted accordingly.
    2. Any parts replaced under this Agreement will become the property of Unified Power.
    1. Equipment modification or any additional testing beyond the scope described herein and attached, and testing of equipment modifications made by Customer are not covered by this Agreement.
    2. Work not covered by this Agreement will be evaluated by UNIFIED POWER and, if agreed to by both parties, will be performed on a time and material basis as set forth in attached T&M rates.
    1. Maintenance of equipment covered under Remedial service is to be provided at the location specified in the Proposal only.
    2. Customer will provide adequate working space and facilities for use by UNIFIED POWER and proper storage of spare parts. Customer will allow UNIFIED POWER ready access to Customer site and equipment, subject to Customers reasonable internal security and safety rules.
    1. Battery maintenance is the sole responsibility of the Customer unless battery coverage is specified in the Proposal. In the event that battery maintenance is provided by UNIFIED POWER, it will be performed in accordance with general manufacturer’s recommendations and standard industry practice. UNIFIED POWER assumes no responsibility for the proper dissemination or accuracy of recommendations of individual manufacturers.
    1. This Agreement shall automatically be renewed for successive twelve (12) month periods at prices in effect at the time of each renewal. Customer will be provided written notice of renewal of the Agreement approximately 60 days prior to its expiration stating the prices for the applicable renewal term. In the event Customer elects not to renew this Agreement, Customer shall provide thirty (30) days written notice prior to its expiration.
    2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer or UNIFIED POWER may terminate this Agreement at any time upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other, in which case I) Customer will be liable for any service rendered to the reasonable satisfaction of Customer prior to the effective date of termination; and II) UNIFIED POWER, at its discretion, shall provide a credit against any advance payments received as follows: a) a prorated amount based on the terminated portion of the fixed-price fee due UNIFIED POWER; or b) an amount based on the difference between the amount paid by Customer prior to the effective date of early termination and the actual cost of service provided (including emergency repair calls) by Unified Power prior to the effective date of early termination.
    1. If included under Remedial coverage, equipment that has not been serviced by UNIFIED POWER is subject to inspection by UNIFIED POWER to determine if it is in acceptable working condition prior to acceptance of this Agreement by UNIFIED POWER. As determined by results of the first preventive maintenance inspection under this Agreement, any remedial action required to bring covered equipment into compliance with manufacturer’s specifications will be at Customer’s sole expense under the time and material charges at the attached T&M rates. If Customer declines to approve such remedial action, the Agreement will be voided and any payments already received by UNIFIED POWER will be refunded, less any charges (at aforementioned T&M rates) for services already expended under the Agreement.
    2. Labor will be charged to and paid by Customer at the attached T&M rates, for the repair or service of the equipment covered as Remedial Service under this Agreement, in the event any of the following conditions occur during the term of this Agreement:
      1. Persons other than UNIFIED POWER attempt to repair or maintain the equipment covered by this Agreement;
      2. Damage to the equipment covered by this Agreement results from acts of God or any and all external causes including, but not limited to, any and all insurable risks. This limitation specifically excludes acts by UNIFIED POWER, its agents, or employees;
      3. Damage to equipment covered by this Agreement results from failure to maintain a reasonable temperature or state of cleanliness at the covered equipment location;
      4. Reasonable access to the covered equipment is denied to UNIFIED POWER;
      5. Service calls are requested by Customer which are unrelated to the equipment covered under this Agreement;
      6. Service is required due to misuse or improper operation of the covered equipment beyond the manufacturers’ specifications for the equipment covered under this Agreement;
      7. UNIFIED POWER is required to stay at Customer’s site more than one hour after repairs are completed because Customer has elected not to place equipment back in service upon completion of repairs; and,
      8. UNIFIED POWER is required to use outside personnel to provide services under this Agreement. The cost of any such outside personnel shall be Customer’s sole responsibility.
    1. Customer agrees to provide a safety representative and that representative will be available at the equipment location whenever UNIFIED POWER is performing services under this Agreement on equipment under line power. Customer will further ensure that the safety representative understands where and how to disconnect power and has sufficient physical capabilities to accomplish same.
    1. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Customer shall provide proper and reasonable maintenance and access to all equipment covered by this Agreement. Customer shall also provide the following:
      1. A Safety Representative, as provided for in Paragraph I;
      2. Inspection and replacement of air filters on a routine basis;
      3. All applicable equipment areas kept clean and free of loose debris.
      4. A temperature in all applicable equipment areas at or below 84 degrees Fahrenheit at all times;
      5. Humidity control in all applicable equipment areas to prevent condensation;
      6. Covered equipment areas free of corrosive elements that affect the operating life of equipment.
    1. Neither party to this Agreement shall have the right to assign its rights or delegate its duties under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other party which shall not be unreasonably withheld. This provision shall not act to prevent and/or restrict either party from an assignment to accomplish a change and/or modification of corporate structure provided that such changes and/or modifications do not materially and adversely affect the other party to this Agreement. In addition, UNIFIED POWER shall have the right to subcontract any of the work that is the subject of this Agreement.
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