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UPS Battery Services Prevent Losses

Where a constant, reliable source of electricity is required, Unified Power provides uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment and services. With customizable solutions to meet the needs of any client, Unified Power is the industry leader for installing and maintaining Emergency Power Systems. To keep those systems functioning at peak levels, monitoring and servicing system components is crucial, and Unified Power’s extensive industry experience minimizes the risk of power related losses for clients. UPS Battery Services are part of an overall preventative maintenance program to ensure backup power is available whenever it is required.

Battery Services Available

Services encompass all battery needs throughout their lifetimes. New battery installation and replacement of failing or deteriorated batteries keep facilities ready for any power emergency. Service plans not only keep systems operating at optimal levels, but also extend the life of batteries and other system components. Monitoring the performance of systems identifies issues before they become significant and compromise system performance. Recycling of batteries is not only ecologically sound, it may provide credit toward new equipment. Unified Power encourages all UPS clients to recycle batteries and other electronic equipment properly.

Battery Maintenance

Unified Power’s Battery Maintenance Service Plans cover both flooded/wet-cell and sealed batteries. All brands of UPS batteries, including those from C&D Technologies, DEKA, Flamm, Yuasa and others, are maintained or replaced to prevent failure when they are needed most. Monitoring equipment allows users to detect potential issues between scheduled services. Identifying issues early allows UPS users to plan for battery replacement or services rather than waiting for a situation to become an emergency. Monitoring equipment also records data, allowing users to better grasp trends that contribute to possible system issues.

UPS Maintenance Service Plans

Unified Power offers clients a variety of maintenance service plans to ensure all critical power supply equipment is properly serviced. On average, customers save 15% when our plans are compared to those of original equipment manufacturers. In addition, our preventative maintenance plans are customizable to match the requirements of all brands of UPS equipment.

Although different service plans provide varying levels of service, all Unified Power plans share specific features.

  • Our Customer Care Center is staffed by knowledgeable experts to support customer needs.
  • The National Dispatch Center is available all day, every day.
  • Comprehensive Web-Based Reporting delivers preventative maintenance results quickly and accurately.
  • The Logistics and Parts facility handles all parts needs and testing requirements, including 24 hour shipping.
  • Quality Control monitoring is in place to verify clients receive top quality service and support.
  • Preferred Customer Rates are available for non-contract services.

Critical Power Service Plans ensure reliability and extend the life of your UPS equipment. Plans customized to meet each client’s needs allow facility personnel to proactively deal with potential issues, avoiding expensive system failures.

DC Plant Services

Users of 48 volt/24 volt DC power systems face unique service challenges. Unified Power provides DC Plant Maintenance for those systems around the country. We install equipment and provide maintenance to identify and correct problems before they become critical. Unified Power encourages all users of these systems to verify recitifier performance on a regular basis. Through scheduling routine maintenance, companies will enjoy increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).

Routine maintenance also allows technicians to analyze all system components, from control boards to circuit breakers, to identify developing issues. Regular scheduled maintenance eliminates hot spots and load imbalances, reducing the rate of component and system failures.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Save Money

Billions of dollars are lost annually due to power outages. Employees and equipment are idled during power failures. With today’s computerized environments, data loss is virtually inevitable when power is lost. In addition, lives are at risk in health care environments if power to vital equipment is interrupted. Uninterruptible Power Supplies are not simply a convenient way to keep businesses operating, they save money and, potentially, lives.

Unified Power supplies equipment provided by power industry leaders including Eaton, General Electric, Legacy and Toshiba, among others. Although installing UPS equipment represents a considerable investment, the cost of power interruptions can quickly eclipse that investment. Statistics indicate that even a small business can lose at least $1,000 per hour when power is interrupted.