Why Choose Unified Power?

Quality Power Protection Services & UPS Equipment

Unified Power understands you have many choices for your uninterruptible power supply equipment and service maintenance. We have been there for our clients, day in, day out, for years, providing the customized power solutions that meet the needs of all types of businesses.

When you need the highest quality UPS systems and equipment, Unified Power is the undisputed independent leader in the industry. Our clients are family to us and we back it up with our service guarantee.

Our Unique Value Proposition

  • New Systems, Installations and Maintenance
  • UPS product installation services
  • Servicing, maintaining and repairing UPS equipment & batteries
  • Turn-key Electrical Services
  • Additional Services
  • Customizable Battery Maintenance Service
  • Battery Monitoring & Capacity Testing
  • UPS Rental Options
  • Infrared Scanning Testing
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Experienced account reps and service technicians nationwide
  • Extensive Geographic Coverage
  • Industry leading Disaster Response Capability

How much revenue does it cost a company when a power outage occurs? During a typical event, production stops, employees and equipment sit idle and sales are lost. According to the EPA, during the major blackout of 2003, total losses related to the power outage topped $10 billion. In a recent year, U.S. companies lost $80 billion due to electrical interruptions. Even for a small business a power outage can cost at least a thousand dollars an hour in lost revenue and productivity.



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