Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS Maintenance Services

UPS equipment keeps your critical data center operating when there are power fluctuations and outages. It’s the bloodline of your networking system. If your UPS fails when it’s time to support your critical load; you will experience down-time, lose data, and incur an unbudgeted expense.

Routine maintenance ensures your UPS equipment stays reliable by improving your UPS’ overall performance and extending their useful life. Service plans allow customers to be proactive; giving them the opportunity to detect potential points of failure before they become expensive problems.



Top causes of UPS equipment failure

In a survey published by Emerson in 2011 data center professionals listed the top causes of UPS equipment failure:

  • UPS battery failure- 65%
  • UPS capacity exceeded- 53%
  • UPS equipment failure- 49%
  • Water incursion- 35%
  • Heat related/CRAC failure- 33%
  • PDU/circuit breaker failure- 33%

*Total exceeds 100% because users cited multiple causes of failure.



How expensive is it for a business during a power outage?

During a typical event, production stops, employees and equipment sit idle and sales are lost. According to the EPA, during the major blackout of 2003, total losses related to the power outage topped $10 billion. In a recent year, U.S. companies lost $80 billion due to electrical interruptions. Even for a small business a power outage can cost at least a thousand dollars an hour in lost revenue and productivity.


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