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Reasons to Rent a UPS for Your Business

Why Are Businesses Renting UPS Systems?

The need for continuous, clean power has never been more critical, as organizations of every shape and size face an escalating number of downtime threats. From a sharp increase in extreme weather events to outages triggered by vehicle accidents, animal activity, aging infrastructure and overtaxed power grids, today’s businesses have been left increasingly vulnerable. Regardless of the source, a power outage can result in lost revenue, equipment damage, productivity losses and even wounded business reputation. Whether it’s minutes, hours or days, any loss of the critical power supply can be devastating to an organization’s bottom line.  

While most businesses recognize the importance of installing a reliable uninterruptible power system (UPS) to keep facilities operational at all times, there are instances when purchasing a UPS system is not feasible. As a result, a growing number of organizations are turning to UPS rentals to ensure uptime while protecting sensitive electronic equipment.

Although in the past, UPS rental was an option used only on rare occasions, the approach is increasing in popularity out of pure necessity. There are numerous circumstances in which a business might opt for a UPS power supply rental; some of the primary reasons include:

Budgetary constraints

UPS rentals offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a battery backup system. Considering the fact that a new UPS system can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, UPS rental options are a more feasible approach when budgetary limitations are a factor. Rentals not only reduce your capital expenses but also lower equipment liability, maintenance and repair costs.

System or facility upgrades

Sometimes a facility must undergo necessary electrical repairs, construction or remodeling that can require an existing UPS to be offline for a period of time. In other cases, organizations may experience temporary downtime while a replacement UPS is being installed or a generator is being repaired. In each scenario, uninterruptible power supply rentals offer a viable option during these planned times of limited backup power ― continuing to protect sensitive loads while enabling employees to work on projects, meet customer needs and remain profitable.

Recover from a natural disaster or emergency

UPS rentals are also instrumental in helping to power businesses through the unexpected, such as a natural disaster or other emergency scenario. In these cases, a UPS power supply rental enables businesses to add capacity by renting UPS equipment for the short-term.

Lengthy UPS lead times

In the wake of ongoing worldwide supply shortages, many UPS manufacturers have had difficulty obtaining the parts and components needed to build their systems. As a result, it is not unusual for lead times of some models ― especially three-phase units ― to stretch many months out, potentially leaving organizations unprotected. As a result, UPS rental has become a popular option to sidestep these prolonged wait times. In addition, the constrictions of annual budget cycles and “use it or lose it” budget allocations can make it difficult to obtain authorization to procure equipment for capital projects a year or more in advance of expected delivery. In these instances, UPS rentals provide a great temporary fill-in solution.


Sometimes businesses are simply unsure about their future power needs. Perhaps they are rapidly expanding, planning to downsize, or looking for another location. In these cases, renting a UPS system can facilitate maximum operational flexibility and protection.

Applications For UPS Rental

To circumvent budget limitations, unprecedented lead times and other issues mentioned above, a growing number of organizations have begun to incorporate UPS system rentals into their capital projects ― enabling them to secure interim facility back-up power while waiting for delivery of equipment purchases. With models available to serve a wide range of applications, UPS rental solutions are an ideal choice for organizations across every business sector, including:

  • Data Centers ― Because there is no option for downtime in data centers, they frequently rely on UPS rentals during construction periods, when electrical outages are more common than during normal operations, as well as when performing maintenance or testing.
  • Education ― University campuses often rent a UPS to support exhibits, lectures, receptions, seminars, sporting events and workshops.
  • Health care ― It has become common for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare entities to rent a backup power UPS during an emergency, critical power construction or maintenance.
  • Government ― UPS rentals not only keep government buildings powered during a natural disaster or outage, they help prevent these facilities from being additionally vulnerable during such an event, when an outage might trigger additional threats.
  • Special events ― Rental UPS systems also represent an ideal option for a wide range of special events that require a temporary backup power source. For example, temporary backup power is widely used on movie or television sets, at concerts, weddings and for large corporate events. Without a reliable power source in place, an outage could force the event to be terminated prematurely, likely at a great expense. Many rental providers also offer outdoor-rated UPS systems for these types of venues.

Benefits of Renting a UPS System For Your Business

UPS rentals offer businesses a range of benefits, including the flexibility to meet changing power requirements and scenarios. Additional advantages include:

  • Maximized uptime ― UPS rentals are a great option to protect sensitive loads and keep your facility and IT infrastructure up and running ― minimizing costly downtime and delivering the continuous power you need to support mission-critical systems.
  • Reduced operational costs ― Rental UPS systems provide an excellent alternative to protect critical equipment when it is cost-prohibitive to purchase a new system. In addition, with preventive maintenance and repairs covered by the rental company, you’ll avoid many of the costs that come with UPS ownership.
  • Optimized recovery efforts ― In an era of ever-increasing extreme weather events, you just never know when you might be left powerless for an extended period of time. An uninterruptible power supply rental can prove vital during these recovery periods.
  • Flexible contract durations ― In addition to providing affordable rates, UPS rentals offer flexible terms ― from a single day to a week, a month or longer.
  • System support ― When renting a UPS, be sure to engage with a reputable and professional company that will facilitate a hassle-free process. Technician support should be available throughout the process, including equipment delivery, setup, startup services to ensure the UPS is properly installed, and pickup at the conclusion of the rental period.

Learn More About UPS System Rentals From Unified Power

Unified Power maintains a comprehensive stock of new and refurbished, top-rated UPS rental equipment designed to meet the needs of any application. We also offer rent-to-own UPS options, as well as power distribution units (PDUs) and static transfer switch (STS) rentals. With specific solutions to support health care, government, data center, telecommunications and other business sectors, you can expect reliable, standalone UPS units from the brands you know and trust, including Eaton, Vertiv, Schneider Electric, and Toshiba. With outdoor UPSs ranging from 50 kVA to 2.4 MW and indoor options from 3 kVA to 3 MW, our single- and three-phase UPS rentals are available in both rack and tower configurations to meet your varied needs.

Even more, our team of professional technicians will ensure that you receive the specifications and ratings your facility needs to operate at its full potential. No matter what your UPS rental needs are, we’re dedicated to providing a fast emergency response time, with a 24/7 dispatch facility to provide prompt, personalized service. Interested in learning more about our UPS rental options? You can request a quote or give us a call at (855) 607-0202.

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