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Reasons to Choose Unified Power as Your Service Provider

When it comes to ensuring the ongoing health and performance of your power solutions, engaging in regular service is essential. Research has repeatedly shown that routine maintenance helps extend the lifespan of uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), generators and other critical power equipment while reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs. Because you rely on these protection systems to provide continuous uptime, safeguard sensitive electronics and keep your business operational in the event of a power outage, the importance of selecting a high-quality service provider cannot be overemphasized.

Regardless of your service requirements ― from routine preventive maintenance (PM) to emergency response ― Unified Power offers the expertise, support and level of response you need to avoid devastating downtime. There are numerous reasons why, over the past several decades, businesses have benefitted from engaging with Unified Power for critical power equipment service needs. Consider the following:

Unified Power Fills a Competitive Gap

There are several types of power solution service providers to choose from, including the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), local providers and specialized, nationwide service providers such as Unified Power. While each of the first two affords distinct advantages and disadvantages, Unified Power combines the best of both worlds for the optimal service experience.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

When you purchase critical power equipment directly from the manufacturer, it often includes a service plan with free or discounted maintenance for a set period of time. One of the biggest advantages of contracting with OEM-certified service professionals is that you will generally receive high-quality repairs, as technicians are required to maintain their certifications through continual education. OEM service professionals are usually able to identify issues quickly since they are well-trained on their own equipment, familiar with both common and unusual problems, and have the tools and expertise to resolve issues promptly. Most OEMs will also guarantee their repairs and cover them with a warranty, as well as use high-quality, certified repair parts made specifically for your equipment.  

The biggest drawbacks to OEM service are often cost and lack of flexibility. Typically, OEM service is expensive because risk mitigation is built into the price. In addition, you are restricted to the manufacturer’s parts and procedures, and there is also the potential for service costs to increase as parts and components become old or outdated. In addition, OEMs only perform service on their own products.

Local providers

These specialized private businesses are typically operated by a small staff operating out of a single location. Compared to large corporations, local providers are often known for providing personal and friendly service. However, local providers generally have fewer options and limited knowledge of different manufacturers’ UPSs, and their services tend to be more expensive. And since they are generally staffed by a small number of employees, these types of providers may be unable to respond to off-hours emergencies or schedule service calls promptly. Even more, because not all smaller providers are certified, you may run the risk of repairs being performed poorly and only lasting for a short while.

Unified Power is Your Trusted Source

Delivering world-class services that optimize the reliability and performance of critical power systems, Unified Power fills a competitive gap left by OEMs and local providers by combining the advantages of each provider. From 24/7 emergency repair to proactive plans that can detect potential points of failure before they become expensive problems, Unified Power offers unparalleled quality as an affordable alternative to both OEMs and local providers.

Professionally trained on all major manufacturers’ equipment, Unified Power’s technicians are experts in identifying potential problems, ascertaining overall system reliability, and validating the operation of critical power equipment. And because we have the expertise and training to work on any brand of equipment, we are uniquely qualified to handle your entire UPS and generator preventive maintenance schedule, regardless of the mix of manufacturers ── reducing the number of service providers you have to deal with and eliminating the hassle of scheduling with multiple OEMs.

7 Benefits of Working with Unified Power

Having served as a premier provider of critical power system services for more than two decades, Unified Power has the experience and capabilities needed to handle your facility’s maintenance and emergency repair needs. Our large team of technicians is dedicated to working one-on-one, helping to facilitate repairs that save time and money. Key advantages to engaging with Unified Power include:

1. Technical expertise. At Unified Power, we believe that knowledge is power ― a pledge that is underscored by our commitment to providing ongoing professional training to all of our field engineers.  In fact, our field service engineers receive an average of 74 hours of training each year. This level of continuous education ensures that they stay on top of all of the latest product features and industry advancements.  

2. Rapid response. Unified Power is there when ― and where ― you need us. Offering 24/7/365 response delivered by local field service technicians across the nation, we are dedicated to getting your critical equipment back up and running as quickly as possible. We provide repair services for mechanical failures and other situations that may cause damage or complications to power systems.

3. One-stop shop. Because Unified Power is vendor/equipment agnostic, our team of professional service engineers is highly trained on all manufacturers product lines, making us uniquely qualified to respond to all of your UPS, generator, and battery service maintenance and repair needs. At every service call, technicians perform a full inspection, alerting you to any other equipment issues and helping to reduce risks by detecting potential issues before they become full-blown problems.

4. Exceptional customer service. Got a technical question? Need help sizing a UPS? Or are you simply looking to quickly and easily schedule a service call? No matter what your power quality need, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, friendly and prompt customer support.

5. National scale. Unified Power is fast becoming the nation’s largest service provider. With technicians employed across the U.S., we currently serve more than 6,000 customer sites ― and continue to achieve double-digit growth ― all while maintaining a world-class service quality rating from our clients.

6. Local presence. Our business may be national, but the support Unified Power provides is right in your backyard, thanks to 100 geographically dispersed field technicians across the country. This team delivers reliable, consistent and streamlined procedures regardless of the state in which you’re located. With the most extensive nationwide service footprint, Unified Power’s trained technicians are where you need them to be and ready to perform the services you require at your convenience ── whether it’s the middle of the night or during regular business hours.

7. Lower costs. At Unified Power, we pair the highest quality service with significant savings. Our maintenance agreement pricing runs up to 40% less than OEMs, and we also extend preferred customer rates for non-contract services.

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