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Our Power Protection & UPS Products

Unified Power offers a wide variety of Certified Pre-Owned equipment with a full multi-year warranty providing a price competitive alternate to purchasing or renting new. When pre-owned won’t do, Unified Power offers a full line of new systems by power industry leaders including Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Eaton, General Electric and others.

The facts are clear; it doesn’t take a hurricane or tornado to disable your power systems.

The most destructive influences on data centers come from everyday sources:

  • Software error 14%
  • Human error 32%
  • Hardware failure 44%


That’s right, the greatest risks of system damage are 100% preventable.
When you are prepared for power disturbances and outages; your critical systems will continue to operate normally. Unified Power offers peace of mind and power solutions to all of our customers. Having the right equipment is a crucial step towards ensuring the integrity of your data center. Our account team specializes in finding the right equipment to fit each customer’s power needs and budget.

How expensive is it for a business during a power outage? During a typical event, production stops, employees and equipment sit idle and sales are lost. According to the EPA, during the major blackout of 2003, total losses related to the power outage topped $10 billion.

In a recent year, U.S. companies lost $80 billion due to electrical interruptions. Even for a small business a power outage can cost at least a thousand dollars an hour in lost revenue and productivity.

Count on the Strength of Unified Power

Unified Power is there to service, maintain and protect your power equipment. It is our job to ensure that your equipment operates properly; we are prepared to handle your company’s critical load during a power interruption. We offer exceptional service that regularly exceeds our client’s expectations every time.

Is your facility protected in the event of a power failure? Are your computers, equipment and other electric devices prepared with backup power systems?

Unified Power provides all types of power protection and UPS services for your critical power systems. From battery preventive maintenance to battery capacity testing, UPS preventive maintenance and more, we can service any of your needs. Have a specific question about your specific power needs? Learn about all the power protection services we offer.

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