Unified Power offers Power Distribution Units to provide central control and distribution of your critical AC loads. In addition to the new products listed below, we also have a full range of pre-owned systems.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Do you need to improve data center outlet, device-level visibility and control in your facility? Do you require individual outlet control through remote commands or an easy user interface? Unified Power offers the most popular and trusted brands of power distribution units (PDU’s) in the industry.

Take control of your data center power consumption with the advanced power monitoring and measuring capability of our PDU models. Our PDU’s feature high-density power distribution with onsite or remote monitoring management. You can remotely control individual power outlets to closely manage data center energy consumption. Some models feature LED alarm warning indicators and interactive LED display for local access.

Whether you need a standalone, network-manageable power distribution device or something smaller, we have the PDU’s you need.

  • Eaton
  • Liebert
  • PDI
Products PDU

Products PDU

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